Balcony TV Barcelona episodi #208 Intana

Balcony TV Barcelona episodi #208 Intana


‘What if’ és una de les cançons que formarà part del disc debut d’Intana. Cançons que t’envolten i t’atrapen, com la llum que es filtra a través de les cortines; inundant cada racó amb una sensació de caliu. Un disc que prescindeix de materialismes i excessos i t’envolta des de la primera escolta a través de les seves delicades melodies.

‘What if’ is Intana’s first single of her debut record which is yet to come out, sung in Catalan and English. Appealing songs that catch you, like morning light through the blinders, filling each corner with a warm feeling. An album that disregards materialism and excesses in every sense: from almost minimalist and delicates melodies to her lyrics, inspired in poems and feelings. A record to enjoy every second this upcoming spring.

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