Balcony TV Barcelona episodi #151 Die Katapult

Balcony TV Barcelona episodi #151 Die Katapult



Anota el concepte: krautrock mediterrani. I ara imagina un grup que combinés Hidrogenesse, Kraftwerk i Neu! i que ho fes cantant en l’idioma ‘Google Translator Deutsch’. Així de transgressora és la proposta de Die Katapult. Un duo catalano-suec que ara presenta el seu primer Mini-LP, “Kristall Reinheit” (Elefant Records, 2015). Cançons rítmiques i matemàtiques, que van de l’electro-punk al krautrock, melodies futuristes que orbiten al voltant de la pista de ball i t’atreuen amb una força centrífuga de la qual no podràs -ni voldràs- escapar.

If you don’t get excited about the whole “Mediterranean krautrock” concept, it means you are a soulless robot! Picture a band that combines Kraftwerk, Hidrogenesse and Neu! and imagine them singing in a very Google Translator Deutsch. Now you get the edgy idea behind Die Katapult. A Catalan-Swedish duo based in Barcelona that now releases its first Mini-LP, “Kristall Reinheit” (Elefant Records, 2015). Up beat songs that range from electro-punk to krautrock, all wrapped in futuristic melodies that orbit around the dance floor and attract you with a centrifugal force from which you won’t escape.

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